Pictures Of Pumpkin

Pictures Of Pumpkin

Pictures Of Pumpkin

Pictures Of Pumpkin

Ahh, the crisp air of fall brings to mind the upcoming holiday…Halloween! Ghouls, goblins, trick-or-treaters, scarecrows and pumpkins abound!

Pumpkins…you spend hours searching through the pumpkin patch for that perfectly round, without blemish pumpkin. You make your way home anxious to carve your piece de resistance into the next Van Gogh of pumpkin carving spectacular for the entire neighborhood to see. The only problem? The pumpkin begins turning into anything but the masterpiece that you spent hours carving within a few days of that initial cut into your pumpkin canvas. And, within a week, your pumpkin begins to wither and draw unsightly outdoor bugs and creatures. So, how can you make that beautiful prize of the pumpkin patch pumpkin last longer? Paint it!

You can paint silly, goofy, and fun faces right on your pumpkin. And the fact that you really aren’t Van Gogh isn’t even a consideration because Simple Pumpkin Painting”>pumpkin painting is that easy! In fact, it’s so easy that a child can do it!

Most pumpkin painting supplies are readily available (you probably already have some of these in your home):

- washable markers
– acrylic craft paints
– newspaper
– spray sealer
– accessories such as raffia, jewelry, hats, etc.

Here are some simple steps to help you turn your pumpkin into the Monet of pumpkins:

1.Choose your design that you are going to paint and trace that design onto a clean pumpkin. You can freehand the design or select one of the many designs in the ultimate e-guide for pumpkin painting, Simple Pumpkin Painting”>Easy Pumpkin Painting.

2. Gather your needed artists supplies and begin painting! In no time at all, you will have your masterpeice completed!

And, the chances are that once you’ve finished painting that first pumpkin, you will wind up painting an entire pumpkin family!

Simple Pumpkin Painting”>Easy Pumpkin Painting is a guide that contains step-by-step instructions and color photographs of exactly how to paint the cutest Halloween pumpkins. It also contains templates that you can use to paint your first pumpkin in about an hour! Simple Pumpkin Painting”>Easy Pumpkin Painting makes painting pumpkins easy!

By Kim Uradnik
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